Sarunas Cebelis

Country of origin: Lithuania

Trade Manager, ADM International (Switzerland)

Before coming to Lancaster I studied for a BA Economics at the ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I chose the MSc in Money, Banking and Finance at LUMS because the School is internationally recognised and one of the best business schools in Europe (ranked in the Financial Times). It is also modern and offers a great trade-off between fee costs and quality (value for money). I received a £4,000 scholarship from the Lancaster University Economics Department. You can also study your MSc in only one year compared with two years in the rest of Europe.

It was a difficult year, and at the same time challenging. We had very tight deadlines which meant that time management was crucial. Lectures were really interesting and my course was very good because it was so broad – so many topics were covered that I think every student could get what he/she was interested in. We received not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical, and the tutors were really helpful. I found some new friends, got knowledge and more courage. Lancaster was an enjoyable step in my path.

Whilst at Lancaster I was an active member of the International Investment Society and Young Entrepreneurs Society. In the International Investment Society I was an equity analyst responsible for emerging stock markets. In my spare time I also played basketball.

I am now working as Trade Manager at ADM International in Switzerland.