Saumya Vardhan

Country of origin: India

Executive, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Prior to coming to Lancaster, I completed my undergraduate studies in Statistics from one of the finest institutions in India. Statistics is highly quantitative and analytical in nature and thus made the MSc in Operational Research the next logical progression for me.

Close to the Lake District, Lancaster University offers not just high-quality education but also a vibrant panoramic environment. Lancaster University, with its world-renowned stature, gave me a chance to interact with some of the best faculty, including thought leaders in the field of OR. Lancaster University Management School has been known for its superior research and its 6* rating was a compelling factor for me in choosing the University.

Apart from academic knowledge, Lancaster provided me with a collaborative environment in which to flourish, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a lifelong network of friends. Interacting with an eclectic set of faculty and students, I have developed a global outlook and my interactions have made me a more dynamic individual.

With incessant efforts, Lancaster University is highly rated in the world. I would say its dedication to excellence in all fields such as development of its students and campus, and promoting new ideas and innovation, are the University’s major strengths. The FT ranks Lancaster very highly inthe world – this clearly shows the School’s commitment towards constant change and improvement. Subsequent to my education at Lancaster, I worked as a business consultant in London.

In November 2007, after several years working in London, I took a bold decision and decided to move back to India in order to work in my own organisation along with my father. We have started up an aviation consultancy company called Starair Consulting which specialises in setting up passenger and cargo airlines, MROs, aviation academies, training institutes and other aviation-related projects.

We have already set up a domestic passenger airlines in the country in a record time period of twelve months – which is an exceptional achievement in the Indian aviation industry. Currently we are focusing on regional connectivity between Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in order to provide better connectivity for trade and business in these cities, strengthening personal bonds and ties and promoting a feeling of national integration amongst citizens in the country. What I learnt on my MSc at Lancaster has provided really valuable as we have built up our new business.

I spent one wonderfully enriching year at Lancaster and would wholeheartedly recommend my University to anyone who is considering their studies in UK.

Saumya has since moved to the United States, and is working for Ernst & Young.