Shirley Yip

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Junior Credit Rating Analyst, CTRISKS Rating

My high school teacher highly recommended Lancaster University due to its standard of teaching and beautiful campus, both of which allow to focus on studies and enjoy university life in a small, but very nice city. I hoped that my undergraduate studies would equip me with a strong academic background for further study or work, which turned out to be the case!

I really enjoyed my BSc in Finance and Economics. There was a great variety of electives that I could choose from. I liked the Economics modules which offered me a solid understanding of the main economic topics, with the application of theory into real-life examples. I also enjoyed the small tutorials where we shared recent news, thoughts and interacted with lecturers and friends.

I joined Lancaster University Volunteer Union and travelled regularly to scheduled events and provided social care to primary school children in Morecambe. I also participated in day trips held by the University to travel and explore surrounding areas. It was great to visit new places and meet new people.

Life in Lancaster gave me the unique opportunity to achieve a balance between work and study. I joined the Sport Centre and participated in activities during the weekends. I made friends with people from different backgrounds and developed skills which I will use in the workplace. I recommended the University to my friends and advised them not to miss the opportunity to undertake their undergraduate studies in such a great place.

I am now a Junior Credit Rating Analyst in CTRISKS Rating: a Hong Kong credit rating agency. I am happy that the knowledge and skills that I developed at Lancaster University equipped me with many useful skills and prepared me towards taking the examination in credit rating service.