Stephane Berthier

Country of origin: France

Director of Global Product Strategy for JAKAVI, Novartis Oncology

I was a French laboratory rat who wanted to escape…

When I decided to start an MBA in the UK, I was working in Switzerland in research and development. I’m now working for Novartis in the USA, but thanks to my experience on the Executive MBA, I’ve had the opportunity to move from R&D to sales and marketing.

What I liked about the approach at Lancaster was that LUMS focuses its programmes less on case studies than many other business schools but instead on applying research data, tools and techniques to students’ personal and professional environment.

With its modular format, the Executive MBA programme allowed me to travel every other month to Lancaster from Switzerland and focus for a full week on a module. It did require long nights and busy weekends between each module but that was the price for acquiring knowledge I now feel confident about.

I completed the EMBA programme in 2006 and, when I look back, I am really glad to have done it, even though it was complicated to balance my MBA workload with my professional activities and my personal life with my wife and my three kids.

LUMS gave me the key to open the door to new opportunities outside my comfort zone. I acquired the tools required to work in the business sector but, more importantly, the confidence to challenge ideas and values.