Sundhir Madaree

Country of origin: South Africa

Financial Consultant, Newlyn Investments (South Africa)

LUMS has consistently achieved a high grading in the Financial Times ranking, as well as being a leading business school within Europe, and has received numerous awards for the quality of its education and research. 

Lancaster is globally renowned for being a culturally diverse university, and this was a tremendous value-add, as I met students from various backgrounds, and learnt about their views, traditions and cultures. In my degree, there were students from 14 nationalities – a really unique experience which helped me to grow.   

An enjoyable aspect of the degree was the project work. For most of the modules, we worked in groups. This was very beneficial, as I worked closely with students from various countries, and understood how their country and culture operated from an academic and business perspective.

A highlight of the degree was the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit. This summit, and the preparation leading up to it, required me to research, discuss and argue global issues, such as global warming, exchange-rate concerns, debt crisis and trade organisations (to name but a few). The WEF summit taught me how to think on a global basis, and how the relationship and co-operation between countries and world organisations are essential to the solution of world issues.   

I enjoyed utilising the University’s fitness centre, which was well-equipped, well-maintained and offered various fitness classes. Towards the end of the degree, I assisted in the planning of the year-end class dinner. This involved planning and co-ordinating a treasure hunt for 47 students, and organising a dinner thereafter.

My time at Lancaster was a real developmental experience. Apart from the world-class academic teaching, the opportunity to interact with various nationalities and live in a new country was enriching. Coming from a developing country, it was an eye-opener to experience how a developed country operated. Additionally, as Lancaster is a student town, the class became more like a family over the year, as we worked and socialised together on a daily basis. Apart from my academic achievements and learnings, Lancaster will always be a personal achievement and a mind-changing experience.    

I am currently completing my professional chartered accountancy qualification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). My time at LUMS has polished my academic thinking, work ethic and mind-set. I am now more focused and motivated to continue furthering myself and my colleagues, but with the constant awareness of maintaining a global perspective in my undertakings and understanding.