Suyan Guan

Country of origin: China

Lead Risk Analyst, Barclaycard

LUMS is renowned for its world-class education quality, and the Management Science department provides some of the best courses for a wide range of students – this was why I decided to study at Lancaster.

The MSc in Management Science & Marketing Analytics armed me with practical operational research skills and knowledge, both quantitative and qualitative.

I particularly enjoyed learning statistical modelling skills like spreadsheet modelling, data mining and credit scoring, which helped to lay a solid foundation for the dissertation project and for my career. Apart from learning useful skills and knowledge, I also benefited a lot from the experience of working closely with students from different cultures and backgrounds. Some of the group assignments provided me with great opportunities to further develop my teamwork capabilities as well as to obtain profound insights into different types of issues.

In a word, the MSc course not only fulfiled my desire to exploit the academic subjects that I am most interested in, but also prepared me well for real-world challenges and opportunities – which is the most valuable asset that I probably could not have found on other courses.

I did my summer project and dissertation with the Capital Team in the Decision Science Department at Barclaycard. The project was both challenging and intensive, but a very rewarding experience.

The main task involved reviewing and investigating one of their risk models, applying a reliable method of assessing the variability pertaining to the forecasts and developing a simulation model. I was able to manage the project in a effective manner with help and support from both the company and my University supervisors. I successfully delivered satisfactory results to the company and received very positive feedback from the business.

Thanks to my good work on the project, Barclaycard offered me a position in the Decision Science Department, so I'm now using the skills I learnt on the MSc in my new job with Barclaycard.