Svenja Wagenmann

Country of origin: Germany

Senior Trade Marketing Manager, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition

The degree which Svenja studied, BBA European Management (German), is no longer available. It has been superseded by BBA International Business Management (German).

I chose LUMS and the BBA in International Business Management as it offers the unique chance to study in two countries and obtain a degree from each university (in my case Germany and England). This is only possible as the two universities are well connected and offer one education through one course which is delivered in two countries. Furthermore both universities have a great reputation.

There is a special spirit among those studying on the International Business Management BBA programme – internationality, great students, different characters, and the close link to the partner universities. And there's support from other students, the Lancaster University Society of the International Partnership of Business Schools (LUSIPBS), student trips to Scotland (or elsewhere), parties and education – the BBA in International Business Management provides a great balance, resulting in an inspiring and motivating environment.

What I liked most about my degree were the international aspects – it was great to have the opportunity to share knowledge and points of view with people from a different cultural background. The highlight of every year is the International Business Weekend (IBWE) where students from all partner universities meet somewhere in Europe to compete and network.

In my first year I joined the Lancaster University waterpolo team which was a really good decision. I had never played waterpolo before but at Lancaster University you can start any kind of sport or activity you can think of as there are societies for just about everything. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

After one year of LUSIPBS membership I decided to run for treasurer which was an exciting experience – organising events, parties and trips, as well as representing the European Management students. I also decided to compete in the Merrill Lynch Challenge in my second year. My team and I were really successful in this Investment Banking Team Challenge: we reached the finals and were invited to an Insight Week at Merrill Lynch, London.

In Germany, at Reutlingen, I continued the involvement in university life (as I had enjoyed the involvement in Lancaster so much) and became head of the ESB Reutlingen IPBS Party and IBWE resort.

Insights into company life

Another important feature of the European Management Degree are the practical experiences. In my first year I completed a summer internship in the new business/marketing department of the advertising agency TBWA in London. This enabled me to be involved in a successful pitch and I contributed to an account management team. 

In my second year I did a summer internship in the marketing department of the state bank of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. Here I contributed to the launch of a new brand, to the new design of university marketing materials, as well as to the integration of a subsidiary.

In my third year I did a six-month internship at Novartis Consumer Health Care GmbH in Munich. As I enjoyed studying marketing at university I decided to complete this internship in the marketing department too. For the brand Lamisil I contributed analytically and strategically to the marketing plan for 2010, I helped to implement marketing measures and had the opportunity to organise test markets independently.

There were also two consulting projects as part of my course. The first one was part of my Management 200 course at Lancaster. We conducted research into market statistics and distribution channels for our client Wall Panelling Ltd and consulted on website improvements. The second project was part of an optional logistics course where we optimised the warehouse layout and the picking process of L'Oréal Professionnel in Karlsruhe.

After graduating I started at Procter & Gamble as an Assistant Brand Manager. I then moved on to Danone.