Takahiro Kiuchi

Country of origin: Japan

Senior Associate, PwC (Japan)

Before joining the MSc ITMOC (Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change), I worked for an IT company in Japan, designing, developing and maintaining enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for a client. Through experiencing several projects, I was able to develop an ability to streamline business operations by configuring and implementing the systems. However, I realised the necessity of gaining a broad perspective of an information system and analytical skills relating to both the system and organisation in order to provide a solution, not only from a system perspective, but also from a managerial perspective.

I decided to apply to the MSc ITMOC because it provides an ideal combination, dealing with Information Technology, Management and Organisation, and I perceived that these components were well-balanced. I expected that the programme would help develop my capacity to become a prominent consultant in Asia.

The ITMOC programme has a wide range of academic and practical content that I was able to connect with my business background. The modules are focused on helping you absorb a wide knowledge by reading a variety of academic papers and reflecting back on them through written assignments. Writing experiences also gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I experienced in the business environment and make use of them for further insight. This is truly important now that I am working as a consultant for PwC in Japan. A consulting project I have been involved is moving so fast but I am able to observe different aspects of the project in an objective way.

One of my favourite and challenging experiences within ITMOC was the dissertation based on a research internship. A research team of three students (one from Spain, one from India and myself) was given a great opportunity to research new business models and client relations with SAP in the UK, involving interviews with senior SAP professionals.

We analysed the empirical data we collected by reflecting on the knowledge gained from the ITMOC programme and produced a company deliverable in the form of a white paper for SAP UK, as well as a dissertation for the University. What I learnt from the research internship process is that academic experience and knowledge has a real value when connected with empirical research.

We also had a day-long specialist workshop from a SAP consultant from HP.

For those who are considering applying to the MSc ITMOC, please contact the Admissions Office at LUMS. They are kind and friendly, which is one of the reasons why I chose LUMS, and will answer your concerns personally and promptly.