Terry Clarke

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Full-time MBA

Lancaster MBA student Terry Clarke was featured in The Independent (one of the UK's leading national newspapers) in May 2006. In the profile, Terry describes the experience of doing an MBA while in his fifties.

A new career at 55? Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) MBA student Terry Clarke certainly hopes so.

A former vice-president of finance and operations for sportswear company Reebok, Clarke, 55, is midway through an MBA at LUMS and loving it.

"I had come to a decision that after 16 years I was an expert at Reebok but wanted to join the rest of the world," he laughs. "I looked at various options, including Harvard's three-month course, but an MBA seemed a good opportunity to get off the treadmill and have a think about things," he explains.

"I have had a couple of offers already and I am just waiting to see what happens."

Although most of his 65-strong cohort were in their late twenties and early thirties, there were some older students, including one also in his fifties.

With children graduated and the mortgage paid off, it can in fact make more sense, at least financially, to do an MBA later in life, he argues.

"I think all the conversation about pensions and older working has extended people's working horizons beyond 60 or 65.

"For me, I am probably not going to change my career in terms of stopping being a manager, but going back into the workplace with a qualification like this will, I think, be really valuable," he adds.