Thomas Metzger

Country of origin: Germany

Macquarie Capital Funds, London

Before coming to Lancaster to take the MSc in Finance, I studied Economics at the University of Bonn (Diplom Volkswirt). While there I also completed international exchanges at Copenhagen Business School and Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona).

I found it very appealing that the first term on the MSc in Finance delivered a sound base in all disciplines essential to finance. This enables students to get an overview and hence, make an educated decision about their specialismsin the second term and their dissertation topic in the final term.

The coursework assignments, which I had to prepare as part of the curriculum, were very well designed and I had the chance to directly apply the knowledge I'd gained in a more practical way.

The academic and administrative staff were all very friendly, flexible and always open for questions. The great diversity of course participants in terms of ethnical, educational and professional backgrounds is striking – but it's something I'd already I learned to appreciate during my stays at Copenhagen Business School and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

But it's not all study at Lancaster! I often played basketball and squash with my course mates, went to the Gradbar quit often, went downtown with my coursemates almost every weekend, had some great barbeque and shisha parties during the summer in my backyard, was celebrating Chinese New Year with my Chinese class mates, and on top of all that, worked as a research assistant for Dr Söhnke Bartram.

In August 2007 I joined Macquarie Capital Funds in London as a Business Analyst as soon as I had finished my MSc studies. I am now working in a team which is investing the Macquarie European Infrastructural Funds. We are collecting money from pension funds and using this money to buy firms which provide infrastructural or “infrastructural like” services e.g. gas grid companies, water suppliers, sub-metering companies, car parks, etc. After the company is in our portfolio, we manage it and try to make it more efficient both from a financing as well as operational prospective. Hence, we are working closely together with the companies’ management teams.

On a day-to-day basis, I take care of the valuation model - run different scenarios and analyse their impact on value and IRR. I discuss the monthly reporting with the management teams of the portfolio companies. I write updates of the companies which are internally used, etc.