Tolulope Afeez Balogun

Country of origin: Nigeria

Information Technology Specialist, Central Bank of Nigeria

I chose to study at LUMS for various reasons; from the unique MSc ITMOC programme which attracted me in the first place, to the research quality and impressive ranking of LUMS on major UK league tables. This gave me confidence and assurance that my LUMS certificate would be respected globally.

I love the fact that my ITMOC degree exposed me to the management aspect of technology. The tutors were very knowledgeable about the modules they taught and their practical teaching approach was great. In particular, I enjoyed the ‘Organisational change’ as well as the ‘Cyber security’ classes.

I was actively involved in extracurricular activities at LUMS and as such made friends, relationships and memories that will undoubtedly last forever. I engaged in various LUSU volunteer programmes such as Green Lancaster. Out of my busy academic schedule, I attended employability skills and careers development sessions which all led tomy  achieving The Lancaster Award, which is an achievement I will always be proud of.

My experience at Lancaster was nothing short of great. Aside from the wonderful, serene and learning enhance environment, staff and students were very friendly, helpful and accommodating from my very first day to my last day at Lancaster. There was never a dull moment as there were events (academicals and or extracurricular) which made learning exciting. Lancaster also gave me the opportunity to expand and think outside the box by encouraging me to stretch my study endurance limits. I was also privileged to travel to Malaysia (Sunway University) on exchange with LUSU International with 30 other students which was another spectacular experience. 

Shortly after graduating I was offered a job in the Central Bank of Nigeria. Obtaining this job was only possible because of the unique employability skills, practical information technology and management knowledge acquired during my time on ITMOC. After completing the programme I am now able to identify key improvements in organisations and help implement change.

Lancaster Careers is the best! I do not need to go elsewhere to confirm this because the LUMS Careers support services were very professional, always available, adequate and met my needs which is one of the reason I am in my current job. My advice for current and prospective students of LUMS is: don’t wait until you need a job before you visit LUMS Careers support team – get used to them from day one.