Vaibhav Mahadev Chavan

Country of origin: India

Change Management Process Analyst, Ford Motor Company (UK)

I already had a technical background as a SAP programmer working for Accenture in India for two years before I started the MSc ITMOC programme at Lancaster. But during my time at Accenture I discovered that I needed to do something to strengthen my managerial skills and widen my career opportunities. So, I decided to go back to  university and pursue my Masters in the UK. To be honest, the  reason I decided to come to the UK was the duration of the course being just one year. 

I chose Lancaster University because I really liked the way the MSc ITMOC programme was structured – a perfect blend of technical and social subjects, which is very hard to find. Also, the other major reason was the excellent reputation of the University and its collaboration with industry giants like SAP and Accenture. 

The ITMOC programme really helped me in widening my knowledge about the role of IT in organisations, and also I got an opportunity to learn the social side of technology which I was not aware of at all. Also, the various pieces of groupwork gave me a good platform to work with people from various backgrounds and cultures, teaching me a lot of things both professionally and personally.

I am really glad that ITMOC gave me the opportunity to work with a small firm based in Kendal, a town just to the north of Lancaster, as a part of my dissertation. Together with another student from my course, I worked closely with the company and the things we studied on ITMOC really helped us a lot during this time. Also, I am really thankful to our dissertation supervisor Dr Martin Brigham for helping and guiding us throughout this period.

I thoroughly enjoyed my one year in the Lancaster, making very good friends and meeting a lot of nice people during this time.

Currently, I am working in Ford Motor Company based in Brentwood, Essex as a Change Management Process Analyst. I am responsible for implementing, managing and improving the global IT processes used to support various activities in Ford.