Varvara Vasileiou

Country of origin: Greece

Product Manager of Consumables, Credin Hellas SA

Lancaster University was one of my first choices when I decided to continue my studies in the United Kingdom. I knew in advance that I wanted to do a Masters in Management. Lancaster University Management School is one of the top business schools according to the most recent rankings. Even from my experience here I can certify that the Management School at Lancaster University really deserves its top rating.

Doing a Masters degree is hard, but having a friendly environment like Lancaster University's is really helpful. Moreover, many facilities are provided, which makes student life easier.

Studying in a foreign country along with other students of different nationalities is an experience that nobody should miss. My friends who had already completed their studies at Lancaster told me about this magnificent experience, but I was a bit sceptical at first. I wondered how the University could communicate effectively with all their students. Everything of course became clear when I arrived in campus in October 2005 to begin the MSc in Management.

During my studies at Lancaster I discovered new things every day. The opportunity to do my dissertation in another country as an exchange student, or to express freely my points of view in front of my professors and the MSc Management administrative team are some of them.

The emphasis of the programme is on the practical application of knowledge, and it's a real advantage for students at LUMS. The motto here could be: ‘Life is hard’, but it can become much easier when you have the knowledge and the skills to cope with difficulties. Lancaster has already equipped me with useful ‘arrows in my quiver’.

After completing my postgraduate studies at Lancaster University I worked as a scientific consultant in the public sector for one and  a half years. The knowledge I obtained during my one year studying at LUMS definitely provided me with a solid foundation to commence a brilliant career in the difficult and demanding world of business.

In 2008 I joined Procter & Gamble as Assistant Brand Manager and enjoyed two and a half really successful years, full of knowledge and valuable working experience. Since June 2011 I have been working as Product Manager of Consumables for Credin Hellas SA, one of the biggest Greek food firms (part of the DTB Group).