Vasiliki Mourouti

Country of origin: Greece

Account Executive, Fotone

Having already gained a Bachelor's degree in marketing, I was looking for a specialised Masters degree to enrich my knowledge in this area, and Lancaster was definitely the best choice. In contrast to other UK universities, the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management at Lancaster was the only course which combined theoretical study with practical training. Indeed, it involved case studies, role plays and many presentations, and a real project conducted with Microsoft.

Everyday life on campus, apart from lectures and individual study, also included many meetings with classmates for team projects. This is one of the greatest assets of the course, as you meet interesting people from all around the world, with different backgrounds and cultures and you widen your perspectives - plus you make good friendships.

The campus is really nice and well-organised, and the academic staff are excellent and always willing to help you. My dissertation was supervised by Dr Anne Marie Ryan and I received tremendous assistance and supervision from her. The topic I worked on was brand extensions in FMCG context, and particularly on the risks and opportunities emerging for the core brand when stretched in other product categories. The study was qualitative and was based on reconvened focus groups on campus, making the overall experience really exciting and valuable.

I am now working as an account executive with Fotone, a large advertising agency in northern Greece. My everyday duties include liaising between clients and the other company departments to coordinate ATL activities, handling budgets and researching various sources to formulate the best communication strategy for the client.

Although no degree can secure you an easy start, my experience at Lancaster prepared me for the workplace in many ways. Firstly, I gained strong academic knowledge in my area. Secondly, I learned how to organise my time effectively and meet tight deadlines. Thirdly, I learned how to work in a team effectively and fulfil successfully a common task. And last but not least, I learned to reflect on marketing theories and tasks – often in hectic situations – and make appropriate decisions.

To conclude, my time at Lancaster was a really constructive experience which developed my knowledge and enhanced my skills. And although the study was often busy and demanding, it was definitely worth it and I strongly recommend it to others.