Vibhu Mohunta

Country of origin: India

Director, Nova Enterprises

Vibhu is now using the knowledge from his MSc in his work as Director of a large logistics firm, operating all over India.

I am an engineer at heart and an industrialist in thought. Born and brought up in a business family, I learnt to appreciate the winning blend of logic and strategy quite early on in life. The MSc in Management at Lancaster was thus a natural career course to take.

The reasons for choosing Lancaster University Management School were manifold. Apart from the fact that it topped all the ranking charts, the alumni’s encouraging feedback, scholarly teaching staff, and the domination of the LUMS brand over others were some obvious attractions.

My stay at LUMS ended successfully, after having completed my intellectually stimulating and fulfilling year of management studies. I find myself well versed in subjects such as finance, economics, strategy, operations and marketing. Professors like Steve Bradley and Nick Carline ensured that the subjects were not only taught but also inculcated. It was only their relentless striving for quality which made the entire curriculum a satisfying journey.

During my academic studies at Lancaster, I was given ample opportunity to get hands-on training. It was amazing to spend time on the MSc in Management in preparing business plans and operating ‘virtual manufacturing plants’ and experience for myself the nuances of managing an industry. Courses like New Venture Planning and Operations Management provided me with the perfect platform to understand the dynamics of a business that touches the realms of commerce, material handling and movement, logistics and supply chain management, quality control, human resource management, all at once.

I never missed an opportunity to participate in the many social and cultural events in college. The number of other social and creative activities that I could get involved in at Lancaster really developed my character. The MSc Ball was the most exhilarating experience and I take a lot of pride in being a part of that marvellous event.

Currently I am in the business of logistics – with my company Nova Enterprises – which, I believe needs to consolidate in India. It is still largely an uncharted territory and challenges are manifold – but so are the possibilities! My heart is already pounding with excitement, eager to start transforming a slipshod contraption into smoothly operating, high-end machinery. As dreams fuel ambition it is more often the method that ensures success.

The MSc in Management not only provided me with enough confidence but also gave me vital tools to start this transformation. This diverse integration of experience certainly helped me emerge as a confident business manager for the 21st century.