Vidya Mahambare

Country of origin: India

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance, Great Lakes Institute of Management

Studying at a university is an investment into our future. Therefore, choosing one particular school involves taking into account a number of factors, such as reputation, research credentials of the faculty, teaching quality and course curriculum, as well as potential opportunities after the completion of the course, to name but a few. Lancaster scored very highly in all these dimensions among competing universities. During the search and application process, I also found the attitude of admission staff professional, friendly and considerate at the same time. This, in addition to the closeness of the campus to an international airport, meant that LUMS was a perfect choice for me.

I liked my experience at Lancaster, including my Professors at LUMS so much that after completing my Master’s degree, I continued to purse my doctoral work here, despite having an opportunity to move to at least two other well-known universities with full scholarship!

I enjoyed my doctoral research at LUMS thoroughly. It gave me an ample scope to improve my subject expertise and exposed me to the work of several other researchers from multiple disciplines through various seminar series. My doctoral advisor, Professor Balasubramanyam, was kind in personal matters, but equally tough when it came to my research work – his superior work ethics and meticulous attention to detail without losing the big picture have stayed with me ever since. LUMS students are fortunate to have a world-class faculty supporting them in their work.

The decision to study at Lancaster was the most important decision I have made regarding my education. It turned out to be the most memorable of life experiences – apart from world-class education and learning, I got an opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over the world and get to know their culture. Four years spent at Lancaster made me emotionally secure. It was also a start of being financially independent, having received a full fellowship – Lancaster University Research Fellowship and CVCP scholarship for pursing PhD. Indeed, Lancaster made an impact on me as a person and as a professional.

My PhD at Lancaster helped me to move on an academic position at Cardiff Business School. After having spent four years at Cardiff, I decided to move back to India, where I remain in the field of economic research. Currently, I am an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India. Prior to this, I spent 9 years in the corporate sector working with CRISIL, a global analytical company providing rating, research, risk & policy advisory services. During my different jobs, I have found the both technical and soft skills I gained at Lancaster very useful.