Vidya Srinivasan

Country of origin: India

Senior Consultant, Deloitte (India)

I came to the MSc ITMOC with a computing background and I was hoping that the programme would be a catalyst in steering my career towards consulting. With two-plus years of experience in the IT industry I was looking for a Master’s programme that would help leverage my previous work experience and hone my management skills. The ITMOC programme seemed ideal.

Although this meant a new start in terms of leaving a comfortable job and going to a foreign country, little did I know that this decision would radically change my life.

The ITMOC curriculum has had a profound impact on me. The diverse teaching methodologies here, albeit new and challenging, helped to refine my approach towards concept analysis and problem solving. ITMOC was challenging in many ways, with high teaching standards and demanding courses, but always delivered in a friendly and supportive atmosphere with strong support from the very professional and dedicated staff and peers. The SAP and Accenture affiliation was very enlightening and provided me with the opportunity to work on real-life business cases.

The programme provided me with a window of opportunities. I was able to be a part of the Student Ambassador programme (2006–2007) and was also a student group representative during the first term. I was able to meet and work with people from different countries, diverse cultures, varied experiences and lines of thought. This helped me in networking and building relationships.

The group assignments, presentations and team work have greatly strengthened my soft skills and enriched my knowledge. Mingling with people from different nationalities has not only enabled me to make friends internationally but has also changed my thinking perspectives.

This programme takes a holistic approach towards explaining the concepts of technology, management and organisations as well as the underlying relationships between them.

I am now working as a Senior Consultant with Deloitte in India and I have definitely been able to apply what I have learnt from ITMOC in my job, be it in terms of frameworks or problem-solving methodology or business analysis. I believe ITMOC has contributed towards my overall development and I am so glad to have been part of this programme.