Vikram Bhalla

Country of origin: India

Partner, Hudson & Colman Co

Vikram now plays an active role for the University in organising alumni activities across India.

Applying to the LUMS MSc in Management has been the best decision I have made for my professional advancement. The MSc covers a comprehensive range of modules that provide useful insights into all facets of business. But what really made an indelible impression was the way the MSc, LUMS and being in the UK revolutionised my mindset, and redefined my perspective towards business, economics and – surprisingly – life itself!

The MSc introduced me to leading business theory and immediately made me apply it through case studies and examination of business problems. This helped me develop analytical acumen. Working in ‘socially engineered’ teams with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds helped me sharpen softer skills of team working, leadership, communicating effectively, and perhaps more importantly, of understanding where information is coming from and thereby interpreting it better.

LUMS infuses a spirit of entrepreneurship in the keen learner. I interpret entrepreneurship at LUMS as a unique approach to problem solving. It is not just about starting a new business – but of doing things innovatively, improvising where required, and accepting the challenge of walking in uncharted territory.

During the dissertation stage, I decided to take up a client project instead of the safe option of a library-based one. My ‘client’ was the Careers Service at LUMS and the project was an unprecedented study of the Indian job market – the relationship between business schools and recruiters in India. I was able to do a comprehensive report for LUMS by collecting information from across the spectrum of employers, business schools and placement agencies. The exposure I received from this project was critical: I learnt to conduct an independent low-cost telephone and email market research campaign, and developed insights into interviewing as a qualitative primary research technique.

Since graduation, I have worked in two start-up companies in Delhi with a view to setting up businesses of my own and acquiring experience to add value to our family business. In my second assignment, I headed a product from its inception to its successful establishment as a profit centre. I recruited and led a cross-functional team of sales staff, administrators, delivery staff, research analysts and outsourced vendors to quadruple top-line revenue year on year. At present, I am evaluating two projects for our family to invest in.

Alumni involvement

I have collaborated with the University and LUMS Alumni Offices to set up the India University Alumni chapter.  In my capacity as India Alumni Co-ordinator, I am very pleased to hear from any potential students interested in studying in Lancaster who would like a personal perspective on LUMS. 

My email address is:

There are many active members of the alumni group living in the Delhi region and we liaise with Indian alumni in other metros in India.

On a more personal level, the time spent living in Lancaster’s pristine surroundings and travelling in the UK was equally enriching. The UK’s socially sensitive and politically correct multicultural society reinforced my belief in ‘live and let live’. I was able to share the experience of being at Lancaster with my father, who was able to visit several times (as he made frequent business trips to Europe), and other members of my family who visited over the summer.