Visarut Nopsanti

Country of origin: Thailand

Management Consultant, Accenture (Thailand)

I chose the MSc ITMOC because of the uniqueness of the degree. There are lots of degrees out there offering IT and Business but none of them can combine all three together seamlessly - IT, Management and Organisational Change.

The people on the ITMOC programme are the biggest plus point. Everyone bonded together and was eager to learn. We grew together in a very positive way. Some of us were fairly experienced already, not just fresh undergraduates going straight to a postgraduate course. Everyone had their stories and knowledge to share. The dissertation was the most significant aspect of ITMOC for me. I had the opportunity to join the Deloitte ITMOC dissertation project. It proved very challenging and rewarding. It took the experience beyond the textbook into the real world of consulting.

My career with Accenture has been fantastic! Great clients! My current industry is financial services and my speciality for now is compliance change management. I'm currently helping one of our clients to go through the compliance change process for post M&A. The project is about assessment of the current compliance and control process within the firm to enable a journey of organisational change and transition from Thai to Japanese management.

Culture change has impacted on lots of people in the company and the project itself due to resistance. Overall, do I utilise what I learnt from university? I would be honest and say yes and no, but this job makes me understand what we learnt at university and why the areas we learnt are the most important in the company. So while the new graduate would have difficulty growing in this firm and this career, I believe ITMOC gave me a head start in my career and prepared me well for consultancy!