Wei Lin

Country of origin: China

Recruitment Team, Dongfeng Nissan

Lancaster – whenever I recall this beautiful place, a smile appears on my face. I cannot deny that one year’s study in Lancaster is tough, but it’s really worth it!

On the MA in HR and Knowledge Management (now an MSc) we put so much effort into discovering and solving problems, with the help of all our lovely tutors. It’s like having a big brainstorming session for a whole year! You discover your own potential, and make progress all the time: you read faster and faster, think more and more, and find new ways to support your ideas.

The HR courses at LUMS don’t focus purely on human resource: they relate HR issues to many other fields and enable you to grasp those issues better and to understand the background of every policy. You can feel a change in how you think about things. What is more, people in the School are friendly and polite – whenever you need help, you need not hesitate to ask for it!

Now I am back in China and I work in the recruitment team of Dongfeng Nissan, which is a joint venture company between Dongfeng Motor and Nissan. I am responsible for recruitment planning throughout the year, for exploring recruitment channels and for seeking the right candidates for various positions. I also arrange interviews, organise and attend recruitment fairs as well as campus recruitment activities.

What I now apply in my work each day is not the ‘theoretical’ knowledge from books, but the process of discovering issues, finding background information and the various reasons for phenomena, and working out proper ways to solve problems – all of which I gained and developed in my year in Lancaster. I find so much fun in my current job, thanks to the experience Lancaster offered!