Weiwei Kou

Country of origin: China

PhD Economics, Lancaster University Management School

I studied for a BSc in Financial Engineering at Beijing Technology and Business University before I came to Lancaster University for my Quantitative Finance MSc. The four years’ study in financial engineering gave me a solid foundation in finance theories and mathematics. Since I am extremely interested in analysing financial markets with quantitative methods, the MSc Quantitative Finance offered by LUMS appealed to me greatly from the very beginning of my application.

This programme is integrally taught by four departments: Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management Science and Mathematics. Besides more advanced finance theories and mathematical tools, this MSc provides several programming modules that I knew little about, but that are quite practical in the real world.

Now looking back over the past year at Lancaster University Management School, I have benefited enormously from aspects of the curriculum such as critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills. For example, a project follows every course and you are be required to complete this task within one month or less. To do it well, you have to learn new software or theories that may not have been taught in that course. However, it is in this process that you fully understand what you have learned.

Lancaster University is away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, yet it’s on a major transport network in northwestern England and less than three hours from London, making it an ideal place to study.

I plan to do my in Economics at Lancaster University later this year. The programme director Dr Jill Johnes, and my dissertation supervisor Professor Adam Letchford offered me a lot of help when I was preparing my PhD application. Lancaster University Management School’s outstanding academics, high reputation, and good teachers are all reasons to make me want to remain here to achieve more.