Xinxin Liang

Country of origin: China

Project Manager, Credit Financing Guarantee Group Co. (Shenzhen)

I chose to study at Lancaster University Management School because it is ranked in the UK’s top ten and among the world’s top 100 business schools. Therefore, it was an honour for me to study at LUMS. I particularly liked the course design for MSc Money, Banking and Finance because of the opportunity we had to study both finance and economic courses. This enabled us to thoroughly master the required knowledge for this industry. I was also drawn to study at Lancaster because of the friendly reputation both the University and the City has, all of which was proven to be true.

My favourite aspect of the MBF course was the dissertation, which involved working in a team and thinking innovatively during lab experiments. The reading part of this course enhanced our knowledge in theory, and having the opportunity to test our results using computers over and over again also helped to enhance us further. I always wondered why we took those modules; only when I began my dissertation did I realise how connected they are to practical results.

Studying at LUMS was an unforgettable experience; if I have the opportunity to study in the UK again, I would definitely consider Lancaster first. The courses were well designed and the professors were very approachable and supportive. More importantly, the lessons I learnt at Lancaster, such as the attitude needed and the ways in which to deal with problems, have stuck with me and are still beneficial to my current job.

I’m now working as a Project Manager at Credit Financing Guarantee Group Co. in Shenzhen. This is a state-owned company, helping both small and medium firms with their financing solutions, for example we issue loans, bonds and mutual funds. My role involves consulting, financial status auditing and analysing, presentations and loan reviewing. Therefore, the financial analysis skills and economic theory that I learnt at Lancaster help me a lot during my daily work. Also the language skills that I gained whilst studying in England allow me to have casual conversations with my clients.