Yara Hani Zreikat

Country of origin: Jordan

Management Consultant, Strategic Centre for Performance Improvement

Having studied engineering and then spent three years working in management consultancy, Yara reached a point in her career where she felt she needed a wider knowledge of management and business.

She started looking around for a suitable MBA programme, and when she discovered Lancaster's Executive MBA she knew it was the right programme for her.

‘I came to the decision that I needed to have exposure to the business arena. The MBA degree from Lancaster was definitely the programme I wanted to join because in the consultancy field, you need to speak the language of the customer. I need to know about the business as a whole: the finance, the HR, the economy, the strategy.'

She sees the value of the MBA as being a combination of knowledge and experience, with the chance to acquire new skills through new methods of teaching and learning.

‘It’s not just about the degree – it’s also about being exposed to the external world and to another way of teaching that we’re not used to. It’s not just about written exams and tests – it’s also about research. It’s somehow different to how we’ve been taught in Jordan. Definitely a new challenge for us, but very interesting.

‘My short-term goals are to advance in my career: to get enough experience, to use the benefits I’m getting from the MBA programme to grow in my career path. This will help me achieve my long-term goals, to have my own consultancy firm.’