Yiting Fang

Country of origin: China

Business Development Manager, PCCW (China)

After four years of working as a Senior Sales Manager in the export industry, I made a decision to study at Lancaster University, which opened a new chapter in my life. I chose MSc in Advanced Marketing Management, as I have always had a passion for marketing and planned to upgrade my career in business management. The programme, with its high reputation and diverse modules, gave me the chance to broaden my understanding of the marketing world.

The most invaluable experience for me during the year was the project with Microsoft. We were asked to identify some business problems and to suggest solutions for a ‘smart city’ from the public safety perspective. The project increased my interest in Microsoft and ICT, which is why I chose to write my company-based dissertation about Microsoft in the third semester.

The summer project was a great chance to work collaboratively with a senior management team from Microsoft's headquarters and address the issues faced by marketing managers in real business scenarios. China, as the largest emerging market, is increasingly lucrative to MNCs. In the project, we sought to propose an effective marketing strategy for Microsoft headquarters through an in-depth understanding of the influencers in the Chinese public safety sector, and identify the key decision makers together with their main advisers.

Finally, after three months of work, we presented our solutions to Microsoft and received some feedback from the senior management. More importantly, the experience gained from the project helped me to extend my knowledge of IT businesses. When I was looking for a job in the IT industry later, I was able to use the “IT language” while talking to interviewers and share my insights of the industry with them. One interviewer was very impressed when I talked about cloud computing, open source and government procurement in IT solution packages, because he would never had thought a Master’s graduate with an export business background could know so well what topics are prevailing in the IT world. Not surprisingly, I got the job and became a Business Development Manager in a leading TMT company in China.

I truly appreciate everything that I learnt on MSc Advanced Marketing Management because it helped me become not only a skilled marketer, but also a practitioner with solid knowledge about the business world.