Yucheng Wu

Country of origin: China

MSc Political Science and Political Economy, London School of Economics

The overall excellent reputation and the top global ranking profile were the two major perspectives I considered when applying to Lancaster University. More importantly, the BSc Economics programme offered a degree of flexibility and freedom in its modules, allowing me to shape my degree to suit me. It’s a united campus environment, which is added to the list of selection reasons in addition to its top teaching facilities.

BSc Economics offered a variety of learning benefits. Regarding the structure of the programme, it came with the flexible module choice. Combined with the learning experience in first 2 years, the core modules helped me to build up a solid knowledge foundation for a more specialised study that I pursued in my final year. Meanwhile, I was also able to continue developing my minor courses. The opportunities were endless. I was able to develop a deep understanding of the major subject as well as study minor modules. Besides, most faculty members were active researchers in related fields in which guaranteed a high quality of teaching. They were also very patient to answer students’ questions and provided guidance to apply what we had learnt to the empirical field.

Lancaster encourages students to actively participate in societies and clubs in which they are passionate about. For instance, I joined and was successfully elected to the executive committee of the Economic Society at LUMS and served as the Marketing Manager for 2 years. It turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences at University. During the two years of my office time served in the society, we achieved substantial progress through our consistent reform policies, by working together, ‘‘united as a movement we stand’’. First and foremost, an amended constitution proposal was drafted, read and passed through, both within the Committee and General Meeting of Members after three months of work. It was a remarkable moment, which consolidated our society a ground to further carry through to transfer our promotion, enhance the administrative function of our committee, apply remodelling projects, enrich event variety and set up the external sponsorships. In addition, it fostered a two-year close working relationship with faculty in Department of Economics. Getting involved with societies has taught me the essence of a balanced student life. Indeed, it is one of the major aspects consist my University experience. 

Lancaster is a home-from-home for all students when away from their family. The global profile of Lancaster provides me a stage to practice my culture and build a strong friendship and network with a diverse student body. The competitive learning environment would also encourage me to learn and grow both intellectually and professionally as a person. The three year experience was absolutely fantastic.

The LUMS Careers team have been certainly dedicated into helping students to land on their dream careers. The team were very supportive and guided me when polishing my CV and cover letters. They also offered me a platform to get practice when strengthening my employability skills through their various workshops and also there are other ranged of numerous services running over the term time. Overall the team helped to prepare me for pursuing my career in today’s competitive job market.

For many reasons, I decided to pursue in further education. During the lent term of my final year, I received a Master’s offer to study Political Economy and Political Science at the London School of Economics. All the experience I have accumulated over the years at Lancaster helps me a great matter. I would like to sincerely thank my family, all my professors, society’s colleagues and friends who motivated, guided and kept me going throughout. As David Cameron, once said, ‘‘Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it.’’ So if you have a dream want to chase, go for it!