Student Stories

A good way to understand Natural Sciences is to find out about some of the unique combinations of science subjects that our students have chosen.

Heather Guy

Heather switched to a four-year MSc after starting her degree, and opted for a year abroad in Canada. She has tailored her course options to combine physics and environmental science.

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Jake Harding

Starting with an equal mix of engineering, maths and physics, Jake has following a growing passion for physics - which will lead to him specialising in astrophysics in his final year.

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Jennifer Owen

In her first two years, Jennifer managed to combine chemistry, biology and psychology with marketing. In her third and fourth years she has specialised in chemistry and biology.

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Abbie Wright

Abbie has followed a growing interest in environmental research. As well as biology, she has chosen to study chemistry and environmental science modules linked to hydrology, water systems and climate.

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Annika Hall

Annika specialised in chemistry and environmental science as part of her Natural Sciences degree at Lancaster. Since graduating she has worked in industry before training as a teacher.

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