Student Stories

A good way to understand Natural Sciences is to find out about some of the unique combinations of science subjects that our students have chosen.


MSci Hons Natural Sciences

Having the combined knowledge from studying three different subjects on the Natural Sciences degree programme at Lancaster has given Charlotte the edge over other students when applying for PhDs.

Charlotte chose to study Natural Sciences at Lancaster because of the open nature of the course. “The idea of being able to study a variety of subjects throughout my first year was appealing and gave the opportunity to explore my interests further, before narrowing down my academic pursuits.”


MSci Hons Natural Sciences

Being unsure about what to do, the flexibility of the Lancaster Natural Sciences degree has allowed Jake to finally find his passion for physics - which has led him to study it as a single subject in his final year.

Jake chose to study Natural Sciences at Lancaster as, compared to other universities, the course was by far the most flexible. “This degree appealed to me as I was not originally sure what I wanted to specialise in before I had experienced all three subjects at a university level. Natural Sciences at Lancaster allowed me to effectively pick and change (multiple times throughout my course) which modules I was most interested in,” he says.


MSci Hons Natural Sciences

Pete chose Lancaster as it offered a degree with flexibility, which he didn’t see in other universities, with the opportunity to put together a truly unique programme of study to suit his interests.

Pete was very impressed with the campus and the friendliness of the staff. He says, “I didn’t get to see the campus until the Applicant Visit Day, but I fell in love with it as soon as I arrived. All the departmental staff are incredibly friendly and the whole affair was so much more relaxed than other universities’ more corporate approach.”


MSci Hons Natural Sciences

After looking at other universities, it was the flexibility of Lancaster’s Natural Sciences programme and the Study Abroad options that stood out when compared to others and made Sam choose Lancaster.

Sam enjoyed how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere was at Lancaster, saying: “It was both laid-back yet hard-working.” He also liked the fact it was a “modern campus in a beautiful area."


MSci Hons Natural Sciences (Study Abroad) 

Studying Natural Sciences allowed Lucy to continue studying all the subjects she loved at A level while still specialising and learning in a world-class environment.

Lucy looked at a number of other natural sciences degrees, but it was Lancaster's that stood out for its flexibility. She says of the other degrees, “They would allow certain combinations or demanded you drop subjects at a certain time. After making the journey for an Open Day I knew Lancaster was right for me. I can't explain it, it just felt right!”