Specific A Level Entry Requirements: A Level Mathematics

Housed in a brand new, award-winning building, we are a top 10 engineering department with 100% of our research impact being world-leading and internationally excellent (REF2014). Due to the complexity of these subjects and the background knowledge it requires in later years, these pathways are double weighted. As such you can only take one other pathway with these options.

For more information, please read our guide on how Pathways work.

Electronic Engineering

You will develop a sound foundation of the subject that is crucial to the design and manufacture of future systems. You will have the opportunity to specialise in areas including wireless communications, silicon chip design, nanotechnology, green technologies and power generation.

Year OneYear TwoYear Three
Mandatory modules Mandatory modules Non-mandatory modules
Calculus Digital Electronics Analogue Electronics
Computers and Control Electrical Circuits and Power Systems Integrated Circuit Engineering
Differential Equations Electromagnetics and RF Engineering Optoelectronics and Wireless Communications
Electrical and Electronics Fundamentals   Programmable Systems
Energy Technology and Sustainability    
Fundamentals of Digital Electronics    
Fundamentals of Electronic Instrumentation    
Further Engineering Mathematics    
Introductory Engineering Mathematics    
Process Engineering Fundamentals    

Mechanical Engineering

Our programme will give you the skills necessary for the subject, with an applied focus on mechanical systems designs.

Year OneYear TwoYear Three
Mandatory modules Mandatory modules Non-mandatory modules
Calculus Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Design and Manufacturing
Design, Innovation and 3D Thinking Materials and Design Engineering Materials
Differential Equations Mechanics and Vibrations Machine Elements
Energy, Technology and Sustainability   Mechanics
Further Engineering Mathematics    
Strength and Materials    
The World of Manufacture    
Transport Technology    
Non-mandatory modules    
Computers and Control    
Process Engineering Fundamentals    

To study on any particular Pathway you must meet the entry requirements of that subject. The information contained on the website with respect to modules is correct at the time of publication, but changes may be necessary, for example as a result of student feedback, Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies' (PSRB) requirements, staff changes, and new research. For more information, please read our guide on how Pathways work.