We have a strong reputation for high quality teaching driven by outstanding research, delivered in a supportive and inspiring environment and accredited by the IOP. We are ranked 2nd in the UK for Physics in the Guardian University Guide 2016.

Entry requirements: Specific A level requirement: Mathematics grade B, Physics grade B

This pathway provides a working knowledge and understanding of the physics of fluids and solids, especially their thermal and electrical properties, with emphasis also in computing, classical mechanics and quantum physics. This pathway requires a set of first year maths-based modules, either through the Physics Department (under the heading Physical Systems) or the Mathematics Department (under the heading Single Mathematics), both listed on the previous pages. As such, students taking Physics can only take one other pathway in addition to either of the supporting Maths pathways

Year OneYear TwoYear Three
Mandatory modules Mandatory modules Non-mandatory modules
Classical Mechanics Introduction to Experimental Lab Astrophysics II
Complex Methods Non-mandatory modules Astrophysics Laboratory
Electric and Magnetic Fields Astronomy Atomic Physics
Functions and Differentiation Astrophysics I Computer Modelling
Integration Classical Fields Cosmology Group Project
Quantum Physics Cosmology I Cosmology II
Series and Differential Equations Electromagnetism Energy
The Physical Universe Electromagnetism, Waves and Optics Flavour Physics
Thermal Properties of Matter Experimental Lab I Groups and Symmetries
Vector Calculus Experimental Lab II Low Temperature Physics Laboratory
  Experimental Lab III Particle Physics
  Experimental Principles of Particle Detection Particle Physics Group Project
  Maths I Physics Literature Search
  Maths II Physics of Fluids
  Mechanics and Variations Physics of Living Systems
  Quantum Mechanics Semiconductor Physics Laboratory
  Relativity, Nuclei and Particles Solid State Physics
  Scientific Programming and Modelling Project Space and Auroral Physics
  Thermal Properties of Matter Statistical Physics
    Theoretical Physics Group Project
    Theoretical Physics Independent Study