Water Cherenkov detectors have been a mainstay of neutrino physics since the 1970s. Over nearly four decades, they have discovered neutrino oscillations, solved the solar neutrino problem, and made the first observation of neutrinos from beyond our galaxy. Looking forward, the capabilities of this technology can be enhanced by loading the water with gadolinium, enabling neutron detection in the aftermath of a neutrino interaction. Following a feasibility demonstration with the EGADS prototype, several experiment are planning to employ this technique in the next few years.

During this presentation, I will discuss two such experiments that will harness Gd-loading to achieve very different goals. The Accelerator Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction Experiment (ANNIE) will sit in the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beam and study neutron yield in neutrino interactions. Meanwhile, the WATer CHerenkov Monitor for Anti-Neutrinos (WATCHMAN) will demonstrate the ability of such detectors to do remote monitoring of reactors for the purpose of nuclear non-proliferation.

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