The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was created in 2010 to coordinate all space related activities in South Africa. In 2011, two existing facilities were migrated into SANSA, including the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory (HMO) which then became responsible for the space science programme within SANSA. Activities of the space science programme include fundamental and applied space science research, the support of space facilitated science through data acquisition, the coordination and administration of scientific data, and the provision of space weather and magnetic technology products and services on a commercial and private basis. Through the Space Science Programme SANSA contributes to the worldwide network of magnetic observatories responsible for monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field, and participates in global scientific projects. The programme also provides leadership in post-graduate student training as well as providing science advancement, public engagement, and learner and educator support. This presentation will give an overview of the activities of SANSA’s programmes with emphasis on the research activities of the space science programme and South Africa’s involvement in space weather. Possible collaboration activities will be highlighted.


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