Space Physics Seminar: Earth (Global Resonances of the Magnetosphere)

The terrestrial magnetosphere is subjected to an abundance of perturbations, both externally from the solar wind and internal plasma dynamics, which result in oscillations of the magnetic field lines at their given natural frequencies. Here I explore the case of transverse standing waves on geomagnetic field lines. These resonant oscillations of the field lines are a fundamental mechanism for the transfer of energy and momentum within the magnetosphere. Therefore, it is valuable to understand how these oscillation frequencies vary throughout the magnetosphere, both spatially and during storm times. 

In this seminar, I will explore how both the geomagnetic field configuration and plasma properties define the resonant frequency of a field line, involving the development of new empirical plasma mass density models based on observations from the Cluster spacecraft. Furthermore, results from a statistical analysis of IMAGE ground magnetometer data, where resonances were observed through the use of a new automated identification method, allow us to examine large scale spatial variations in resonant frequencies.



Jasmine Sandhu - image for SPP seminar


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