Latest News

  • 2015 Student Prizes

    Three Physics PhD students have been rewarded for their excellent work over the previous year at an end of year celebration in the Physics Department.

  • Lancaster University revolutionary quantum technology research receives funding boost

    Vastly improved medical imaging and guaranteed secure communications are a step closer following a funding boost of more than £700,000 in new quantum technology projects at Lancaster University.

  • Best Observational Evidence of First Generation Stars in the Universe

    Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have discovered by far the brightest galaxy yet found in the early Universe and found strong evidence that examples of the first generation of stars lurk within it. These massive, brilliant, and previously purely theoretical objects were the creators of the first heavy elements in history — the elements necessary to forge the stars around us today, the planets that orbit them, and life as we know it. The newly found galaxy, labelled CR7, is three times brighter than the brightest distant galaxy known up to now.

  • REF2014 success for Lancaster Physics

    In the REF2014 Research Excellence Framework the Lancaster Physics Department was ranked 2nd in the UK for the amount of its research output judged to be of internationally leading (4 star) quality. Indeed, 28% of our publications submitted for assessment were deemed to belong in the top bracket.

  • Leading scientists ready to boost business research

    Scientists at Lancaster University’s Physics Department are ready to help businesses develop new products and services. Third-year undergraduate students work in small teams to provide a solution to problems posed by companies.