Adam Craig

Research Associate

Research Overview

I work on infrared photodetectors for thermal imaging and gas detection.

I am currently studying InAsSb/InAs strained layer superlattices (SLS) based nBn detectors and short-wave infrared (SWIR) single photon avalanche photodiodes (SPADs).

Other research interests include thermophotovoltaic cells for waste heat recovery and lattice mismatched growth via interfacial misfit (IMF) arrays.

Low leakage-current InAsSb nanowire photodetectors on silicon
Thompson, M.D., Alhodaib, A., Craig, A.P., Robson, A.J., Aziz, A., Krier, A., Svensson, J., Wernersson, L., Sanchez, A.M., Marshall, A.R.J. 13/01/2016 In: Nano Letters. 16, 1, p. 182-187. 6 p.
Journal article

Novel structures for lattice-mismatched infrared photodetectors
Craig, A.P. 2016 Lancaster University. 163 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Short-wave infrared barriode detectors using InGaAsSb absorption material lattice matched to GaSb
Craig, A., Jain, M., Wicks, G., Golding, T., Hossain, K., McEwan, K., Howle, C., Percy, B., Marshall, A. 20/05/2015 In: Applied Physics Letters. 106, 20, 5 p.
Journal article

Mid-infrared InAsSb-based nBn photodetectors with AlGaAsSb barrier layers – Grown on GaAs, using an interfacial misfit array, and on native GaSb
Craig, A., Marshall, A., Tian, Z., Krishna, S. 11/2014 In: Infrared Physics and Technology. 67, p. 210-213. 4 p.
Journal article

Excess noise in GaAs and AlGaAs avalanche photodiodes with GaSb absorption regions—composite structures grown using interfacial misfit arrays
Craig, A., Reyner, C.J., Marshall, A., Huffaker, D.L. 28/05/2014 In: Applied Physics Letters. 104, 4 p.
Journal article

Mid-infrared InAs0.79Sb0.21-based nBn photodetectors with Al0.9Ga0.2As0.1Sb0.9 barrier layers, and comparisons with InAs0.87Sb0.13 p-i-n diodes, both grown on GaAs using interfacial misfit arrays
Craig, A., Marshall, A., Tian, Z., Krishna, S., Krier, A. 16/12/2013 In: Applied Physics Letters. 103, 4 p.
Journal article