Dr Dmitry Zmeev

Lecturer and EPSRC Research Fellow

PhD Supervision Interests

“Supercritical supercurrents in superfluid 3He” We will study a newly discovered phenomenon – existence of superfluidity at fluid velocities by far exceeding the critical value. We will work at the limit of what is technically possible in the field of low temperature physics, in the microkelvin region. At these temperatures, superfluid 3He is in deep quantum regime with only few normal excitations, which enables us to study its properties emerging far from its thermal equilibrium. One of them is an ability to extend the superfluidity region to velocities far beyond the Landau critical value. Being a topological superfluid, 3He supports fermionic surface excitations with Majorana-like spectrum. We will develop tools to study dynamics of these exotic quasiparticles and look into other possible far-from-equilibrium phenomena that can be enabled and probed with our extensive ultralow-temperature toolset. By joining this project you will design, build and run demanding experiments. You will become a part of the Lancaster Ultralow Temperature Group led by 6 research-active academics working at the frontiers of experimental Low Temperature Physics. The group is world leading in the field and has an excellent record of high-rank publications and of securing research funding at national and international level. http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/physics/research/experimental-condensed-matter/low-temperature-physics/

  • Low Temperature Physics