Theo Noble

PhD student

Research Overview

I am a PhD student in the Lancaster Ultra-Low Temperature Group. I am interested in studying quantum turbulence in both superfluid helium-3 and helium-4 at low temperatures. Particularly looking into new methods of looking into turbulence such as using multi-frequency excitations on an oscillator. I have previously completed my master’s degree in physics at Lancaster.

Operating nanobeams in a quantum fluid
Bradley, D.I., George, R.E., Guénault, A.M., Haley, R.P., Kafanov, S., Noble, T., Pashkin, Y., Pickett, G.R., Poole, M., Prance, J.R., Sarsby, M., Schanen, R., Tsepelin, V., Wilcox, T., Zmeev, D. 7/07/2017 In: Scientific Reports. 7, 4876, 8 p.
Journal article

Probing liquid 4He with quartz tuning forks using a novel multifrequency lock-in technique
Bradley, D.I., Haley, R.P., Kafanov, S., Noble, T., Pickett, G.R., Tsepelin, V., Vonka, J., Wilcox, T. 09/2016 In: Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 184, 5, p. 1080-1091. 12 p.
Journal article

  • Low Temperature Physics