Lancaster University has some of the best in-house laboratories and laboratory equipment of any UK university.

A model poses with a faked neck wound

Aberrant Experience, Awareness, & Emotion Laboratory

Research in the laboratory focuses on disorders in consciousness and aberrant experiences. These can include hallucinations, perceptual distortions and delusions. These experiences are often associated with neurological disorders and psychopathology. Yet, they can also occur in the complete absence of these factors in the psychologically ‘normal’ population.

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Neuroscience of Speech Laboratory

Research in the laboratory focuses primarily on investigating the neural bases of speech communication. We are interested in studying how normal brains communicate, and also what goes wrong in the brains of people with speech and language impairments.

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Cognition of Social Interaction (CoSI) Laboratory

The CoSI Lab studies the cognitive basis for social interaction. In particular, we study the way in which people process others’ perspectives at various ages (from early childhood to late adulthood) from various cultures, and in various contexts (such as, when being a listener in a conversation versus being a passive observer). We use a range of techniques to build a better understanding about the way we interact with others. This includes tracking people’s eye movements during social interaction, test their memory for communicative content, and measure their response times and response accuracy to social stimuli.

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