What Will You Study

Designed to introduce you to the fields of diplomacy and international law, this programme draws upon modules from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) and the Law School. The programme has three complementary core modules which deal with different aspects of diplomacy and foreign policy, and international law. The programme also draws upon distinguished practitioners with experience in the fields of diplomacy and international law.

The compulsory subject-specific core modules set the distinctiveness and specific tone of this degree scheme and are complemented by a compulsory study skills module which is designed to support students in meeting the demands of postgraduate studies in both their subject-specific and generic contexts.  Alongside this you will choose either the ‘International Human Rights Law’ module or the ‘Law of International Organisations’ module to complete your MA studies. You can choose to write dissertation with either PPR or the Law School.

Compulsory modules:

  • International Law
  • Issues and Practice in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  • Theory and Concepts in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  • Theory and Methods in Postgraduate Studies
  • Dissertation module: students can choose to write a dissertation with PPR or LAW.

Optional modules:

  • International Human Rights Law or Law of International Organisations.