What Will You Study

Have you ever wanted to know the full story behind what you see in your social media feed or watch on TV? How do the politically powerful or politically radical use the internet to attract others to their cause or control what we see? How is the media becoming increasingly globalized and what does this mean for different cultures? How do we make sense of the visual images that we are bombarded with in our everyday lives? What is the cultural impact of advertising on our identities? How does the media shape and reflect gender, class or cultural inequalities?

Here at Lancaster you can engage with these questions and have chance to ask your own by studying on our BA Media and Cultural Studies course. 

We help you to challenge assumptions about the cultures we inhabit, to ask critical questions, and to analyse changing forms of media. You will engage with a wide range of classic and contemporary writing on media and culture as well as develop skills that allow you to carry out independent research.

Since being established in 1969, Lancaster Sociology has developed an excellent reputation and today we are one of the best departments in the UK and the world. Both our staff and students contribute to important public discussions through lectures, blogs, media appearances and social media.

Our Department offers a range of opportunities to foster your personal and professional development. You can participate in field trips, placements, studying aboard, film screenings, public events, seminars, and major international conferences. All this makes for a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

The unique structure of our degree courses allows you to personalize your own learning. Whether you have diverse interests or aren't quite sure what you want to major in, we are here to help you make the most of your time at Lancaster

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