What Will You Study

Our BSc Physics degree equips you with a broad conceptual and practical working knowledge of physics, along with key transferrable skills enabling you to embark on a wide variety of career paths. The specialist teaching is informed by our world-leading activities in areas such as low-temperature physics and quantum technologies, and culminates in an investigative group project and specialist options in year three.

The core curriculum includes subjects such as Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism in your first year, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity in your second year, and Particle Physics, Atomic Physics and Condensed Matter Physics in your third year. This is complemented by laboratories where you perform state-of-the-art experiments with sophisticated equipment and associated software. In your final year you can choose to either carry out an investigative group project on a topic of current research, or do an extended industrially oriented group project in collaboration with a company or other external organisation.  In addition, you have the choice of a wide range of advanced options which include subjects such as Quantum Computation, Matter at Low Temperatures, and Space Physics.