Course Overview

This degree offers you a broad-based experimental Physics programme which forms the basic training for the professional physicist. It also provides a strong foundation for many other career opportunities.

In your first year, you study subjects including Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism and develop your understanding through lectures, laboratory classes and small group tutorials.

You will move on to modules such as Quantum Mechanics, Properties of Matter and Laboratory work in your second year and subjects including Particle Physics, Solid State Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics in your third year. The third year also includes project work connected to our industrial partners, which involves solving a 'real' problem posed by a company or other external organisation as part of a team.

In the fourth and final year of the MPhys programme, you will complete an extended investigative project alongside several optional courses, all of which are related to our research expertise. Examples of recent project topics include vortices in superfluids, single photon photodiodes, nanoscale probe microscopy of graphene, quantum dots and other novel quantum nanostructures.


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