What Will You Study

Our Physics degree equips you with a broad conceptual and practical working knowledge of physics, along with key transferrable skills enabling you to embark on a wide variety of career paths.

The core curriculum includes subjects such as Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism in your first year, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity in your second year, and Particle Physics, Atomic Physics and Condensed Matter Physics in your third year. This is complemented by laboratories which perform state-of-the-art experiments with sophisticated equipment and associated software. In years three and four you also have a choice of a wide range of advanced options which include, among many others, subjects such as Quantum Computation, Matter at Low Temperatures, and Space Physics.

In fourth year you will take part in an extended investigative project in one of our leading research groups, giving you access to world-leading facilities such as our unique Quantum-Technology and Low-Temperature Centres.  Examples of recent project topics include vortices in superfluids, single photon photodiodes, nanoscale probe microscopy of graphene, quantum dots and other novel quantum nanostructures.