What Will You Study

As well as studying the work of some of the greatest psychological thinkers in history, we encourage you to play your part in the debate and explore your own thoughts and theories.

You begin your studies with two Psychology modules as well as one other subject of your choice. The Understanding Psychology module covers a range of topics designed to introduce several broad themes, including how people think, how children develop, how the brain works and how people interact. This course is complemented by the second core module: Investigating Psychology. In your first year, you develop foundations for appreciating good research techniques and strategies, which will eventually help you to carry out your own studies.

In your second year, you build on the topics already studied so that you gain a sound background in all the essential areas of Psychology required for the British Psychological Society’s Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership. This year covers cognitive, developmental and social psychology, neuropsychology and individual differences, giving you a much deeper experience of investigating problems in Psychology.

In your final year, you will get a chance to specialise, choosing from a range of options, taught by experts in the field, including Forensic or Clinical or Educational Psychology, the Social Psychology of Conservation and the Environment, or the Effects of Drugs on the Brain. You also get the chance to carry out a research project of your choice, supervised by a member of staff who is an experienced and active researcher.

You also have the option to graduate with either a BA or BSc – a decision that you make in your final year. Both degrees are equivalent and both are accredited by the British Psychological Society.