What Will You Study

Studying Sociology at Lancaster offers you an intellectual space in which to think about how social structures, norms, conventions and institutions shape our everyday lives, identities and futures. We teach you to how to ‘make the familiar strange’ and how to ask critical questions, drawing on sociological theories to analyse ‘real world’ problems to come up with viable solutions.  

Your first year provides you with a basic grounding in ‘thinking sociologically’ and addresses some of the issues sociologists are thinking about today. The Introduction to Sociology module familiarises you with sociological issues, ideas, concepts, evidence and arguments, examining key aspects of living in the contemporary world.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Lancaster degree structure, you can also take complementary Part One modules such as Gender and Women's Studies, Media and Cultural Studies or Contemporary Social Problems, all of which are located within the Department of Sociology. You can also combine our first year Sociology module with other first year courses in other departments from within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and from across the university.

There are two compulsory core courses in your second year: Understanding Social Thought and Research Skills and Techniques. In your final year there is one compulsory core course: Doing Sociological Research, where you undertake your own research project, supported by a member of staff.