What Will You Study

Quite possibly the most astonishing aspect of the world around us is that so much of it can be understood by using a relatively small number of physical laws. Our theoretical physicists devote themselves to uncovering the most appropriate mathematical laws for deducing the essence of physical phenomena on all scales, from the quantum world of microscopic matter and nanomaterials to the geometry of curved space-time and the large scale structure of the cosmos.

The core curriculum includes subjects such as Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism in your first year, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity in your second year, and Particle Physics, Atomic Physics and Condensed Matter Physics in your third year. In addition, in years two and three you take specialised modules on Quantum Theory, Electromagnetism, Condensed Matter Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, and Elementary Particle Physics. In your final year you also carry out an investigative group project, and have a choice of options from topics such as Quantum Information and Advanced Gravity and Relativity.