Course Overview

Theoretical physicists devote themselves to uncovering the most appropriate mathematical laws for deducing the essence of physical phenomena.

Lancaster's Theoretical Physics course concentrates on some of the more fundamental and mathematical aspects of Physics and is designed to help you develop analytical skills appropriate for solving a wide range of theoretical Physics problems.

In addition to the core first year Physics courses on Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism, you will study a range of topics in the following year, including Further Classical Mechanics, Classical Field Theory and Further Quantum Mechanics. In the final year of our three-year BSc degree scheme, students complete an extended research project alongside subjects such as Particle Physics and Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

In the final year of our four-year MPhys course you will study Advanced Magnetism and Nanophysics and Quantum Transport in Nanostructures and can choose from a range of possible topics for their extended project. Recent project topics include adatoms on graphene, silicine, photonic crystals, topological insulators, fundamentals of radiation reaction and gravitational waves.


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