The Colleges

The colleges, and remain, a defining feature of the university.

Lancaster University is based upon a collegiate system and is one of only six collegiate universities in the country. This system was favoured for a number of reasons. It was commented in the 1964 Lancaster Guardian special supplement on the University that large universities with big numbers of staff and students were more likely to break up their social life into smaller groups, which in the absence of colleges, would tend to centre around faculties or departments. In terms of socialisation, it was undesirable for off duty students to mix with those studying the same subject. Instead, the new University wanted to encourage interaction between students with varied interests. This was also encouraged by the creation of residences where both students and staff could live and work together.

The collegiate system has had a significant influence upon the University body. It has helped to forge a strong sense of identity amongst staff and students alike and continues to be one of the defining features of student life at Lancaster.