Dr Paul Antony Hayward

Senior Lecturer in Late Roman and Earlier Medieval History


Paul Hayward is an historian of communication, historical practice and classical culture in the European Middle Ages, with a geographical and chronological focus on later Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England. He has written about all major historical genres that flourished in this context—hagiography, chronicles and rhetorical histories. He is presently writting two books, one about the genesis and reception of William of Malmesbury's Histories of the English, the other about Bells, Communication and Society in Medieval England.

In 2011-12, he was a member of the School of Historical Studies at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, USA.

Selected Publications

The Earls of Leicester, Sygerius Lucanus and the Death of Seneca: Some Neglected Evidence for the Cultural Agency of the Norman Aristocracy
Hayward, P.A. 1/04/2016 In: Speculum. 91, 2, p. 328–355. 28 p.
Journal article

'The Cronica de Anglia in London, British Library, Cotton MS Vitellius C.VIII, fols. 6v–21v: Another Product of John of Worcester’s History Workshop'
Hayward, P.A. 15/12/2015 In: Traditio. 70, p. 159–236. 78 p.
Journal article

William of Malmesbury as a Cantor-Historian
Hayward, P.A. 17/03/2017 In: Medieval Cantors and their Craft. Woodbridge : York Medieval Press p. 222–239. 18 p. ISBN: 9781903153673.

'St Wilfrid of Ripon and the Northern Church in Anglo-Norman Historiography'
Hayward, P.A. 03/2012 In: Northern History. 49, 1, p. 11-36. 26 p.
Journal article

'The Importance of Being Ambiguous: Innuendo and Legerdemain in William of Malmesbury's Gesta regum and Gesta pontificum Anglorum'
Hayward, P.A. 21/07/2011 In: Anglo-Norman Studies. 33, n/a, p. 75-102. 28 p.
Journal article

The Winchcombe and Coventry Chronicles: Hitherto Unnoticed Witnesses to the Work of John of Worcester
Hayward, P.A. 1/07/2010 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 792 p.
Scholarly edition