Dr Rahaf Aldoughli

Lecturer in Middle East and North African Studies

Research Overview

I am Dr. Rahaf Aldoughli, a Lecturer in Middle East and North African studies at Lancaster University. Prestigious organizations, including Women in International Security (WIIS) in Washington, DC, the Kroc Institute Fellowship, XCEPT, and the Arab Center for Graduate Studies, have recognized my contributions to the field with awards and grants, affirming my standing as a leading scholar in Middle Eastern studies.

My research interests span nationalism, sectarianism, and political attitudes within authoritarian contexts, adopting an interdisciplinary approach. My book, "Romancing Masculinity in Baathist Syria: Gender, Ideology, and Identity," with Manchester University Press, investigates gender and identity formation under Baathist rule. Additionally, I am finalizing a manuscript on sect(ism) in Syria, scheduled for publication by IB Tauris in 2024, which aims to shed new light on the complexities of identity making/remaking in times of conflict.

My latest project focuses on dissecting the multifaceted drivers of violent behavior in the Syrian Civil War through a micro-level analysis. I aim to capture firsthand narratives from Syrian fighters, seeking to understand their motivations and experiences. This research is not just an academic pursuit; it's a quest to uncover the layers of political behavior in authoritarian regimes and the nuanced factors that drive conflict in the region.

Through my work, I strive to contribute to the academic discourse on conflict dynamics and offer insights that could guide interventions in the Middle East and beyond. My goal is to illuminate the intricacies of conflict and explore avenues for peace and resolution.

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