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Welfare and Support

We are here to support you throughout your time at Lancaster University. We understand that it may be your first time away from home, perhaps even in a foreign country, and it may be difficult to adjust at first. Please come and talk to someone in the College, who will listen to you and signpost you to areas of support.

College Advisor Team

The College Advisor Team (CAT) provide support for students independent of their academic departments.

The advisors are there to act as an impartial advisor and guide should the need arise and let us hope that the need does not arise to represent your best interests should you be involved in any disciplinary proceedings within the University. Fortunately, this need is rare. Perhaps more important is that your advisor is someone you can talk to. The first few weeks of University can be confusing as you confront what can seem to be an intimidating new environment. Your advisor, however, will know the system and be able to provide answers to most of your queries.

To contact an advisor please email the College Advisor Team.

Block Reps

Block Reps are second or third year undergraduates who also provide help and support, particularly in the first weeks as you find your way around. They are members of the Cartmel JCR Exec and are therefore easy to contact. Your initial meeting with your Personal Advisor and Block Rep is at various events during Welcome Week.

University Counselling

If you would like to speak with someone outside the college system, the University has a Student Mental Health service, where mental health practitioners work collaboratively with you to provide professional support on issues such as personal, family, social or academic matters.


Lancaster Nightline is a listening and information service run by students for students at Lancaster University. Nightline aims to provide a night-time contact point offering a wealth of free information or just a non-judgemental listening ear. All calls made to Nightline are confidential and remain completely anonymous. You can contact Nightline by telephone (01524 594444), email Nightline, instant messaging or Skype.

Other Services

ASK is the gateway to all Student Education Services including support regarding accommodation, careers, course and study changes, disability, exams and assessment, international support and money. For any and all queries visit ASK in Alexandra Square or get in touch via email ASK or by calling 01524 592525.

There is also a chaplaincy centre where members of a wide range of faiths are happy to lend support where it is needed.