Corporate Wellbeing Residentials

A change of environment can make a world of difference. Our activities and residential packages are aimed at engaging, motivating, and enhancing communication within your workforce, with the freedom to think, plan, and be inspired.

What To Expect

Make the most of a Corporate Wellbeing Residential by designing a package in line with your goals. From the type of accommodation, number of team building activities, and additional packages available, we can create a residential that it bespoke to each business.

Guest Bedrooms Interior Shot

Residential Stay in Guest Bedrooms

A residential stay can support your employees with corporate wellbeing, a new space can offer neutral ground for open conversation and challenging decisions, ensuring your team returns to the office happy, with a renewed focus.

Forrest Hills

Forrest Hills

Explore the 560 acres of beautiful parkland on which Lancaster University sits and take advantage of Forrest Hills; a venue designed for wellbeing and crammed with character. It is the perfect backdrop for team-building activities and strategic away days.

Teambuilding at Forrest Hills

Team Building

Collaboration and strong relationships are the foundation of any successful team. Planning and executing exciting team-building activities will bring employees closer together. Engaging workshops and fun team outings will create a supportive and inclusive work culture.

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24-Hour Packages

During a residential stay, we offer a three-course dinner which can be served in a private dining room, where your team can unwind and share a sense of accomplishment after a productive day of activities. There are several bars on campus to enjoy and many evening activities can be arranged, ensuring team bonding continues into the night.

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Contact the Business Development Team at Lancaster University Conferences & Events+ to discuss bespoke residential packages.

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