Team Building Activities

Collaboration and strong relationships are the foundation of any successful team. Planning and executing exciting team-building activities will bring employees closer together. Lancaster University Conferences and Events+ delivers team building with three core wellbeing goals at the heart of every activity: Be well, be active, and be creative.

Make the most of your team away days by designing a package in line with your goals. All team building packages are delivered as closed, private groups and can be customised to suit the needs of your team, with longer session times available. Prices are available upon request.

Tab Content: Be Active

Stop The Clock

A competitive, exciting, thought provoking, dynamic activity testing ingenuity, teamwork, and time management. Over a series of problem solving and fun challenges, team spirit will be well and truly raised in a game that earns points for efficiency.

Project Railway

Work in teams to build a structure that will transport an object over a specific distance, with building constraints and production requisites. Experience the valuable outcomes of contributing to a wider project and feel a great sense of achievement with the collaborative result.

‘GPS’ – Urban Orienteering

A map, a set of clues, global satellite navigation systems, and a team of individuals navigate around the grounds of Forrest Hills, or the University Campus, overcoming obstacles along the way.

Adventure Treasure Hunt Challenge

Teams head out into the local countryside and work against a tight deadline with only a map, an instruction pack, and a digital camera to recover clues and information.

Target Archery

Traditional archery can improve hand-eye coordination and be a relaxing activity to take part in. Four archers shoot three arrows at a time, before swapping to the next group of four. There is a maximum capacity of three groups.

All-Terrain Boarding

A cross between snowboarding and skateboarding and the easiest board sport to pick up the basics. Ten participants will surf down a grassy slope at any one time.

Zorb Football

Five-a-side football but whilst wearing inflatable bubble suits. This activity has a capacity of four teams; two teams play whilst the other teams rest and spectate… Let the chaos begin!

Archery Tag

A fast-paced blend of archery, paintball, and dodgeball. Two teams of archers go head-to-head shooting each other with special foam-tipped arrows. Protective helmets and masks are provided. This activity has a capacity of four teams; two teams play whilst the other teams rest and spectate.

Pillow Bash

Balance seated on a suspended beam over an inflatable crash mat and use pillows to knock your opponent down. This activity brings out the competitiveness in teams.

Mountain Biking

Guided mountain bike rides for up to eight riders across a variety of locations, from urban rides to purpose-built mountain bike trails.

Old School Sports Games

Get active with old-school Sports Day-style games such as egg and spoon races, sack races, tug of war, wheelbarrow races, and three-leg races.

Tab Content: Be Well

Duck Herding

Under expert guidance, the team will use trained sheepdogs to herd ducks around a course and into a closing pen, whilst against the clock. Watch how colleagues cope under the pressure and begin to take on a Farmer Giles or Mother Duck role.

Gourmet Bush Craft

Learn the introductory skills of wilderness bushcraft including wild food, fire lighting, whittling, wood collection and preparation, ropes, string and knot tying, and basic shelter building. The team will then be tasked with setting up camp, building an open fire, and cooking ‘wild delicacies’ such as nettle crisps, wild garlic flatbreads, and more.

Wellbeing Workshops

Learn the basics of psychoeducation, personal wellbeing, mindfulness, stress, and the importance of creating an open culture in the workplace. Shifting mindsets to support individuals to feel good about themselves and their teammates.

Outdoor mindfulness exercises include Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing), mindful walking, and nature-based mindfulness techniques; all creating positive shared experiences and designed with corporate wellbeing in mind.

Engage With Nature

Green Lancaster guides small groups along a marked-out trail accompanied by fact sheets on local wildlife, flowers, and trees, followed by a discussion and nature quiz. Throughout the year, groups can also take part in the following:

  • Free the tree
  • Planting/wildflower management
  • Maintenance
  • Tree planting (November-March)
  • Relax and chill with some forest bathing

Food and/or drink options can be added to the above activities and enjoyed in the comfort of the Forrest Hills barn, or outdoors among the trees.

Tab Content: Be Creative

Film Making

Write, direct, and film a short film, news clip, or advert using the provided equipment and top tips from our support team. This exciting event requires teammates to take on a variety of roles as they aim to create their production, which will be viewed during a watch party at the end of the day, when a winning team is announced.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

In collaboration with our local Community Scrapstore, we aim to divert waste from landfill and turn it into useful creative opportunities and resources for all. Groups will upcycle a multitude of unwanted ‘rubbish’ from businesses and create environmentally friendly artwork or objects relevant to their business. Example events include MadJunk MiniGolf’s A Hole-in-One Design team challenge.

Outdoor Art

Participants will pick a card with a subject relating to the outdoors and will be given 30 minutes to produce artwork using the craft material provided. At the end of the session, participants will share their creations with their teammates.

Team Creation

The team will work together in small groups to make a creation based on a specific topic or theme. Using recycled and found materials, each group will create a section of artwork which will later be added to a larger piece, consisting of each small section together. The group will then discuss the piece as a whole.

Forrest Hills Escape Room

Lancaster University Conferences & Events+ has partnered with Lancaster Escape to deliver an Escape Room team-building experience at Forrest Hills.

Forrest Hills Escape Room
Cabin in the woods AI generated image
Forrest Hills lake and scenic grasslands.

Corporate Wellbeing Residential Packages

Our Corporate Wellbeing Residential packages include:

  • Exclusive use of Forrest Hills, including space for meeting, networking and relaxing
  • Deli lunches or packed lunches are provided, every day of your residential
  • Team building activities
  • Dinner on campus, served or buffet-style
  • Overnight stay in our 3* accredited Guest Bedrooms on campus
  • Full-cooked or continental breakfast
  • Free parking on campus and at Forrest Hills
Corporate Wellbeing Residentials